A Bit About Me

I'm a girl from a small town outside of Columbus, Ohio. I'm a small town girl living in a big city - your classic story.

I was the kid in class that always knew what I wanted to do - I was going to be on broadway. I was laser focused on this until the age of 18. I was about to audition for college, and I should’ve been so excited but I wasn't.

Where I come from EVERYONE goes to college. I was 1 of 4 kids I believe who didn't in my graduating class out of 500.

So I decided to shock my community and take a break.

In the year that followed I really kept to myself. I lived at home, worked at a restaurant, got my training licence on a whim and worked out a ton.

Every Sunday a group of us would get together and workout then go to a deli to get lunch. For one of our "group members" birthdays we all decided to go to New York.

My friend had a connection and friendship at Dogpound a celebrity gym I was obsessed with.

We all go workout at Dogpound one of the days we are there, I was working out with Kirk Myers the CEO in the ring.

We are just chatting and all of a sudden he says "Would you want to work for us?'

My life literally went in slow motion. I want to interject to say I want you all to remember what you were like at 19 - can you imagine.

So of course I said yes.

My first day there I had to help train Adam Levine.

I remember  I was sitting on a sled having him push me across the turf.

I had trusted my gut and the universe and my moment came. It was a Hollywood story, but it's mine.

I worked there for about a year then COVID hit. The curve ball no one expected.

I remember the sinking feeling and pain I had getting furloughed from Dogpound. I knew in my heart I would never set foot in there as a trainer ever again.

But I wouldn't give up on myself when I was 20 years old - the world is a wide and beautiful place full of opportunity if I want it.

So my best friend and I got to work, posting workouts, putting up a website for me to post blogs, and making as much content as I could. 

Fast forward to now I have clients from all over the city coming to train with me at this hidden gem of a gym.

Transforming people's lives in a way I have only dreamed of.

Clients in LA and New York that I get to see once a month or so. Facetime trained clients all over the world, created and sold my first ever workout program.

I am so excited for online coaching to become a new addition to the fitness journey that I get to share with people all over the world. 

So don’t be a stranger, let’s have a chat and I’ll be there to assist you in making sure that you transform into your best self.

XO, Liv