January 2, 2022

3 Steps To the Best Butt EVER!

3 Steps To the Best Butt EVER!

In the training world, there’s something (perhaps) even more sure than death and taxes…

1) Every guy you train is going to ask you  “So…. How do I get abs?”


2) Every girl is going to ask “How do I get an awesome butt?”

Well, unfortunately for the guys… there’s a lot of truth to the old adage that abs are made in the kitchen (or at least revealed in the kitchen) — which sucks for them.  

But luckily for us ladies getting a great butt just requires some gym time, the right workouts, and some old-school gym knowledge.

Before we dive into this too deep, let’s get clear on what makes a good butt...


If you want a great butt you need to make those muscles GROW!  After all, what do you  think that firm shape is made of?

But you want to do it the right way, you don’t just  want a “strong” butt.  And you certainly don’t want a  “big” shapeless butt.  You want that nice round, firm, shapely butt that makes anything you wear look like a million bucks.

Well… there are 3 ingredients involved in getting the Best Butt EVER, and I guarantee if you give my process a shot for 30 days you’ll see amazing results.   (Just trust me on this… you will.)

Glute Activation

A lot of girls don’t see fast growth in their glutes due to the fact that they start working out cold.   They aren’t warming up properly.  

To get growth, we need to wake those muscles up, and get the blood flowing in them BEFORE we start our “real” workout.  This can be done with 4-6 light warm up exercises like clamshells, lateral steps, lying hip abductions, frog pumps, glute bridges… etc.  (if you’re up for it, try warming up with your ankle weights on.)

Once you’re good and warmed up you need to hit your glutes HARD with a series of exercises aimed at pushing the limits of both strength and endurance. I like to mix heavy sets and volume sets to stimulate the muscles and get them growing.


After (in this case literally) busting your ass in the gym your body needs time to recover.   If you do these workouts right you’re going to be sore for at least a couple days.  Recovery is where the growth happens, so give your body time to rest.

ABSOLUTELY do not train your glutes as a solo body part more than once per week.  You may want to have a “regular” leg workout during the week as well, but make sure it’s at least 3-4 days after a glute intensive session.

And the best cellular growth happens during sleep.  So do your best to get 8 hours of sleep.  (I know, that can be hard, but try… it really will make a difference.)


This one may seem obvious but actually a lot of people struggle with this!  For muscles to grow they need to be fed properly.  You need to be getting good quality protein at every meal — egg whites, protein shakes, grilled chicken, grilled fishes — quality clean proteins.  Protein is the building blocks of muscle.  No protein, no growth.

Good quality carbs are almost just as important.  Good low glycemic carbs such as oatmeal, rice, white potatoes, sweet potatoes are all excellent sources of carbs and other nutrients you need to fuel your body and help you respond to training.

And finally a bit of good quality fats – Avocados, nuts and seeds are all good healthy sources of fat.  Fat is important in helping your body recover.  

Final Thoughts

I am 100% convinced that ANY woman can build an AMAZING BUTT. It’s not purely genetic.  It’s work + a good plan.  

Try the plan I’ve laid out above:  Pre-Activate the muscles BEFORE your workout, get plenty of rest, and feed your muscles with quality nutrition and watch and see how far you can get in a month.

You’ll be glad you did.